February Sales and Goals Update

Mar 11

February Sales and Goals Update

February wasn’t a good month sales wise. It’s been very slow. We haven’t sold anything on Ebay and only six items on Amazon.

Gross income – $88.26

Cost of goods – $14.69*

Amazon selling fees – $39.42

Amazon FBA storage – $1.67

Shipping fees to Amazon – $24.66

Net profit – $7.82

*Items that we already owned and did not buy on purpose to resell is considered zero cost of goods.

Yeah, pretty poor month. But we’re not giving up. Actually, we’re wanting to ramp up our listings. I believe things will get better, and we’ve got three boxes on the way to Amazon now.

So how did I do on my SMART goals? Here’s the link to the list again – SMART goals for 2014

Our financial goals including saving 10% of our money, putting more money to debt and creating a budget by the end of each month.

Well, with only $7 profit, none of those got done. I could have – and should have created the budget, but I didn’t. We did discuss our financial goals, but I didn’t make a written budget. These same goals will continue through March.

We still have the furniture we said we were going to sell. But we have a plan and all of the furniture – coffee tables and bedroom suite – should be on Craig’s List this weekend.

I did declutter my dresser! But I didn’t finish the closet. Going through our clothing is definitely still on the list.

We are still selling on Ebay and Amazon and I just opened an Etsy store. We have some vintage figurines that I think may be a better fit for Etsy’s audience than on Ebay. We did send in 2 shipments to Amazon for February and I did list at least 5 things between Ebay and Etsy.

How this will change – I want to do one shipment to Amazon, start listing our furniture on Craig’s List and keep listing more of our vintage items on Etsy. My goal is to list 100 items between all platforms between now and the end of the month.

I have been listening to podcasts and reading more books. My goal wasn’t just to listen or read, but implement, and I did this. I heard the Ebay Scavengers podcast where they interviewed Van from Thrift Core about curating and selling vintage items on Etsy. I’d never thought of that. I’d always considered Etsy for crafts. This inspired me and I put up three of the figurines we had on Ebay on Etsy. I plan to continue listening to podcasts, watching videos and reading this month and implementing at least one things I’ve learned.

We had a goal to do Jessica Larrew’s grocery webinar, but I’m wrong. She just came out with a grocery book (Grocery Goldmine – affiliate link) but I got this mixed up with her HBA webinar (affiliate link). That’s what we’re planning to do by the end of this month.

So really it’s just time to regroup now that we’re 10 days into March. Our last February shipment went out at the end of the month and there’s still a box yet to be checked in. I have a lot of other boxes of items to research and list and a new website to build. So that’s the plan for this month – just regroup and move forward.

How did your month go? Did you meet any of the goals you set or are you regrouping too?


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