Let Go of the Past, Embrace the Future

Mar 09

Let Go of the Past, Embrace the Future

I shared at the beginning of this blog in January that I was scared to share my dream with the public. I didn’t want to put it out there to friends, family – anyone – because I was scared of what people would think or what they would say. This fear came from years of conditioning from other people, and many of them were family members or people I thought were friends. But as I realized that I really wanted to do this and I really wanted to share this journey of getting ready to travel, I knew I had to face these fears once and for all. Scott and I needed to live the life we wanted to live, not the life we felt others expected us to live. We needed to let go.

We heard an excellent message Wednesday night from Pastor Van Moody of the Worship Center in Birmingham, Alabama. It was a selection from his book, The People Factor. Several things stood out to me in that message, things I had been holding onto for years.

First, I’ve been letting my past define me. It was time to stop and let who I am now, in the present, define me. Something similar was said by Beth to Daryl on The Walking Dead last week – “Don’t be who you were. Be who you are.”

You have to release the past in order to embrace the future. I don’t want to miss out on anything God has for me, but if I keep holding on to the past, to what other people think of me or how other people have hurt me, it’s not helping anything. It’s definitely not helping me.

Are you letting someone else define your or your life? What do you need to release from the past in order to embrace your future?

You can watch or listen to Pastor Van Moody’s message at the Church of the Highlands website.

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