Amazon FBA Equipment That Would be Nice to Have – Part 2

Feb 27

Amazon FBA Equipment That Would be Nice to Have – Part 2

This is a continuation of Amazon FBA Equipment (That You Probably Already Have), which covers what I believe are the absolute basics to start selling through Amazon FBA. This post will cover the things that can come later, what’s nice to have, and that can help you be more productive and efficient.

Paid scanning app – This is one of the first things that I bought when we got our second payout from Amazon in October 2013. I use Profit Bandit, an app for both Android and iPhone. It’s a one time fee of $15 (as of 2/26/14) and you don’t have to be a pro seller with Amazon to use it, although you’ll hear others say different. All you need to do is email Seller Engine, the company that makes Profit Bandit, and they’ll set up a workaround for your account.  Update 4/11/14  – The workaround is no longer available. Profit Bandit said on their Facebook page on 3/11/14 “Unfortunately, as of Monday, we are no longer providing this workaround to non-Pro Merchants. We encourage any non-Pro Merchants who have recently downloaded Profit Bandit to take advantage of the free month of service provided by Amazon.” This can really hurt sellers just starting out, but just continue using the free Price Checker app or doing research on the mobile Amazon website if you’re out and about. Then upgrade to the pro account when you’re able to do so. The benefits of being a pro merchant are listed below.

Barcode scanner – This barcode scanner is next on my list to buy. It helps save time when listing because you can scan your item’s barcode directly into Amazon instead of typing everything by hand. The scanner is USB powered and is totally plug and play – nothing to download or set up.

Dymo Labelwriter – My next purchase will be this Dymo Labelwriter. It uses thermal paper, so I won’t need ink or toner in order to print. I’ll use this to print the SKU labels required by Amazon FBA to cover item barcodes. I can also use it to print address labels, file labels, etc.

Upgrade to pro seller – I’m not a pro seller on Amazon. I’m not selling enough yet to make it worthwhile. The cost to be a pro seller is $40 month. Once I start selling over 40 items in a month, it will be worth it because Amazon charges a $1 fee for individual sellers for each item sold. Once you become a pro seller, that fee is waived, and even with the monthly fee if you’re selling more than 40 items a month then you’re saving money by not paying the additional $1 fee.

This ScanGlove looks really cool 🙂 I don’t know that I’ll ever get one, but it’s definitely on the “nice to have but not really necessary” list.

If you’re considering selling on Amazon FBA, I hope you see that you don’t need to spend a lot of money upfront. Just get started using things from around your house, then you can use your PriceChecker to do a little bit of outside sourcing for product, then as you earn more money you can add equipment and software based on what you need when you need it. There’s no reason for this business to cost you more than you’re comfortable spending.

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