Amazon FBA Equipment (that you probably already have) – Part 1 – The Basics

Feb 25

Amazon FBA Equipment (that you probably already have) – Part 1 – The Basics

With a new year starting it seems there are several new sellers wanting to jump into Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). This seems scary to some new sellers, a few who haven’t sold anything online, even on Ebay, ever. The question is always, “What do I need to start selling on Amazon FBA?”

What is Needed to Start Selling on Amazon FBA – The Basics

Equipment and software (you probably already have these):


Smart phone (Android or iPhone)

Free scanning app (like Amazon PriceCheck)

Printer (or the ability to use one elsewhere)

Boxes for shipping

Packing supplies (plastic wrap, bubble wrap, newspaper, tape, baggies)

Labels (30p for item labels, larger shipping size labels for making your own expiration date labels, THIS IS A SET labels and suffocation warning labels)

Yes, I believe these are the absolute basics that you need to have to start selling through Amazon FBA.

How do I use these things?

You use your computer to create an Amazon seller account. You’ll log into Seller Central and from here you’ll begin to add inventory, either merchant fulfilled (you mail it to the customer) or Fulfilled by Amazon (you send it to Amazon to ship for you when it sells). There are videos and blog posts on how to add items to your inventory –

How to List FBA Items Through Amazon Seller Central – Thrifting for Profit

How to List Items on Amazon – Vintagex TVC

Once your items are all listed you’ll need to label them, covering the UPC code on the item. This is what the 30p labels are for. If you don’t have a printer, you can save them as a PDF document and print them somewhere else. I don’t have a printer at home, so I email the PDF label document to myself and then print them at Office Depot.

Depending on your products, you may need to bag them as part of the prep work. Amazon has made it very easy to know which items need to be prepped this way. It’s not difficult to do.

Amazon Prep Requirements from Amazon Policies and Procedures

Whenever you bag an item, you’ll either need to have bags that already have a suffocation label pre-printed or you can use a sticker. You can buy a roll of suffocation labels on Ebay or make your own using a large size shipping label.

Once your items are labeled and prepped then you just pack them into the boxes, include your packing slip, seal them up and ship them to Amazon. Their workflow walks you through the process, and they’ve made videos to help you.

How to Create Shipments to Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Your items may end up shipping to different warehouses, so be prepared for this by having boxes or envelopes of all shapes and sizes on hand.

So what’s the smart phone and the PriceChecker app for then? I always suggest starting out with your own items instead of spending money on product to send in. But soon enough, you’ll get bitten by the sourcing bug. You’ll use your smart phone and the PriceCheck app to scan items and find out what price it’s selling for on Amazon. The free app gives you limited information, but it’s basic enough so that you can figure out your ROI on your own based on the pricing information you can find.

In my opinion, these are the basic items you need to get started selling with Amazon FBA. It’s not difficult to do, and most likely you already have what you need. I’ll follow up with Part 2 on Thursday with the “nice to have” pieces of equipment and programs others are using in their online selling businesses.





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