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Feb 18

Scott Routon is a certified life coach and relationship coach. He wants to help others realize their dreams and potential at
How happy are you with your current job? If you’re like many of the people I’ve had the privilege of speaking with you may say that you’re not. A few very honest people have conveyed a very strong dislike for their current employer. The objections vary from not enough hours to not enough pay to no health care or benefits. Each one boils down to the same issue. You’re not happy. So here is the awesome, thought-provoking next question. What are you willing to do about it?

Now don’t try to answer that right away. Give yourself permission to think it over for awhile. Take the time to really consider what you might get to do if you were willing to make a change for the better. Every problem is an opportunity. There is a solution if you choose to look for it.

For me the solution was hard won. I tried to find the right job. To make the right connections. To look attractive to a well-paying, prospective employer. Problem was no one hiring for my particular skill set was offering more than minimum wage and a boat-load of stress to go with it.

On occasions when I’d built up the nerve to ask for a raise I’d get the, “Shut up and be glad we even gave you a job. Just remember you are completely replaceable” speech. It did wonders for my confidence and self-worth back in those days. I used to think that life would never get any better.

Today, however, I know that those limiting beliefs are not true. Today I have hope for the future. I have confidence in myself and my abilities. I am a person of great worth with all that I need to achieve anything I can dream of. How did I do this? I chose to stop waiting on someone else to give me the dream job I so desperately wanted. I chose instead to create it for myself.

And that is precisely the seed of hope I want to plant inside your mind today. You have the power to change your world, to assert your personal power and make the choice to write the next chapter in your life. You can do that by creating your dream job.
Answer these ten questions honestly and you will be well on your way to doing just that.

 1) What do I really want to be doing?

2) Do I currently have the needed skill sets to do that?

3) If not, then where can I learn them?

4) Who is my target market?

5) How do I reach them?

6) Are there any other actionable steps I need to consider to achieve my goal?

7) What measurable results do I need to have so that I know I am moving closer to achieving my goal?

8) What do I want my end result to look like, feel like, or sound like?

9) How will I respond positively when faced with setbacks or discouragement from circumstances or other people?

10) What is my target date to have all my preparations complete and launch my new business?

This last one is very important. Unless you give yourself a cut-in-stone deadline you are simply a leaf on the wind, tossed about and going nowhere. A positive mindset will help you focus. Feelings of hope will help fuel your motivation. But without the deadline to keep you accountable, your focus will grow fuzzy and your hope will quickly turn into despair. The target date circled in red on the calendar makes it real.

Once you have set this process in motion your mind will start to chart a course out of the rat race and into a wondrous world of opportunity, a place of infinite possibility where there is room for any dream to become a reality. This is a prize won only by those with the courage and determination to live their dreams by writing their own happily ever after.

Never give up. Your dreams are worth it.

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