Goal for a Minimalist Wardrobe

Feb 14

Goal for a Minimalist Wardrobe

We’re starting on our travel prep by decluttering the house, selling what we can, giving away other things. This past weekend we decided to start with our clothes.

At first I didn’t think it would be too difficult. There are plenty of clothes I don’t wear for one reason or another. But as we sorted and cleaned out dressers and closets, it was harder than I thought it would be.

First, since we’re still working day jobs, there are work clothes, mostly slacks and blouses. Then I found the weekend clothes, the yoga pants, the sweats, the T-shirts. I don’t wear T-shirts often anymore, so many of those will be given away or sold on Ebay. But it was harder to let the sweats go. They’re warm and comfortable, and since I’m cold-natured I like to have a sweatshirt or even a cardigan to wear year-round, even in summer if the air conditioning gets too chilly.

Then the dressy clothes. I don’t dress up often, and I rarely wear a dress, but I like to have something nice to wear for an anniversary or birthday dinner or for our upcoming Valentine’s Day dinner on Saturday night. So out of the four dresses in my closet, what do I really need when I wear one maybe twice a year?

I have workout clothes that I bought when I went to the gym regularly. I have several cardigans, a summer maxi dress, and at least two pairs of fleece pajamas. I do like to wear those, even though I end up sleeping in a set of my sweats most often.

So what do I keep and what do I give away or sell? This is where the struggle comes in.

Our needs are going to be changing in two years when we buy the RV. I won’t need the work clothes and I won’t have the space for more than a couple pairs of sweats. Will I need a dress at all? Or could I buy one from a thrift store and either sell or donate it back when the event was over?

But the truth is that for the next two years I’ll need my work clothes. I like being warm, and I like the cardigans and the sweats and the fleece pajamas. But I did pare down.

I took out the clothes that I no longer liked or didn’t fit and set them aside to sell or donate. I have about four brown cardigans, all in different styles, and decided to keep my favorite one. I’ll be letting go of one dress that doesn’t fit me quite right and keeping the others – for now. Even though I need the work clothes, there are a couple of tops that don’t fit anymore since my weight loss two years ago, so those will be going. I also pared down my weekend clothes to my most comfortable pair of yoga pants (Old Navy brand, they’re great!) and two sweatpants that fit and one general sweatshirt. I did keep a few things that I really should get rid of, like one of my favorite comfortable tops with a raggedy neckline or the sweater I bought in England when I got caught in the rain that I ended up shrinking in the dryer. Even with keeping some items – like that top or my England sweater – all of my clothes now fit into 4 dresser drawers and a couple of hangers on a closet, with room to spare.

I still have a small nightstand to get through, filled with socks, hosiery, bras and underwear. I’ll be going through it next week and emptying it out as we’re going to sell it with our bedroom suite.

I feel good about our first pass through our clothing, even though it was harder to make some decisions than others. But we did set up some clothing rules for the next two years, as some things do need to be replaced. The #1 rule – anything new comes in, something old goes out.

Have you done a clothing declutter? Was it difficult or easy for you to make the decision on what to keep?

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