FBA Blog Round Up

Feb 06

FBA Blog Round Up
I started learning about selling online back in August of 2013 through a Kindle ebook titled “The Walmart Ebay Connection”. The book was all about retail arbitrage. I’d never heard of this before, so I started searching to find more information on the process and see if I could find a few people not only doing this, but succeeding at it.

I found more than a few! I’m going to spend some time each Thursday during February sharing the links from some of the top sellers on Amazon and Ebay and where you can find them if you’re interested in starting a freedom business like this or if you want to increase sales from your business, these are some of the folks to listen to.

Jessica Larrew is a full-time Amazon seller. This week she’s uploaded a video about finding the total fees paid to Amazon over the course of a year, but if you scroll down you’ll see her income reports for Q4 and more useful information.

If you want just basic, no-frills information, Skip McGrath is the go-to person for selling on Ebay and Amazon. Skip’s January 2014 newsletter is full of information about taxes, pricing, niche selling and more. I highly recommend signing up for his newsletter for good, meaty information.

Duane Malek doesn’t blog often at his website, but you can find him each Wednesday for his spreecast, Fast Turn Radio. I’m learning a lot from Duane about selling replenishable items on Amazon and Ebay. He’s been doing this for a year now and is a full-time seller.

And finally, I do my best to listen to the Thrifting for Profit podcast on Fridays or listen to the replay the following week. I get a lot of information not just on using thrift stores to find products, but tradeshows, wholesaling and so much more. It’s definitely a do-not-miss for me.

Next week I’ll share some You Tube videos that help explain the businesses in more detail and offer great examples of what others have done.

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