Freedom Business #3 – Transcription and VA Services

Jan 21

Freedom Business #3 – Transcription and VA Services

A service business is one of the fastest and best ways to earn money online. There are people offering services everywhere. If you need a photo cropped, resized or adjusted, just head to Odesk or Fiverr or Elance and find someone to do it. Almost any type of service can be set up quickly at one of these sites or even on a free site hosted at Blogger.

I started offering general transcription services about four or five years ago. I’d taken a medical transcription course and hated it. I couldn’t remember the terminology, the formats were confusing, and the one client I did get took two months to pay me. I was thrilled to find general transcription.

Since then, I’ve worked with students, writers, insurance companies and several others on various types of transcripts. I enjoy this type of work because I’m always learning something new.

This year I’m adding more virtual assistant type services to my business. I’ve already been doing some aspect of this. I’ve proofed documents, typed letters from a handwritten copy, created spreadsheets and summarized books. Since this is the type of work I enjoy and the type of work I’m good at, I figured I may as well officially add it to my business.

I created a new website just for my service business at

So how is this a freedom business and how can I run it from the road when we start to travel?

This business won’t be a major part of our traveling business. Since the work is done online, it’s important that I have a suitable Internet connection and will be able to respond to clients, complete and return work as well as market the service. This will be the biggest issue with traveling. But we can still travel because the work is done virtually and I won’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time.

I believe I’ll cut back on the transcription and VA services once we begin to travel. But I don’t think I’ll cut them out completely. For the right client and at the right price, I’ll keep my hand in the industry. It’s a great way to meet people, learn new things and really just work my brain in a new way.

Right now I’m working on building my client base up and growing this business to bankroll the other businesses and allow me to quit my day job.

You can check out my website for more information about a general transcription business.


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