Honor Yourself

Jan 19

Sunday InspirationThink back through the new year’s resolutions you made just a few weeks ago. How many involved exercise or losing weight or paying off debt? How many involved other people? Did any resolutions including honoring ourselves or loving ourselves? Most likely, they didn’t. Even a resolution to lose weight can become a “have to” or “should to” instead of a way to really honor ourselves.

I can hear many of you now – But that’s selfish! And I’m saying no, it isn’t. Honoring yourself is the best thing you can do for your family, your friends and your work.

Everyone needs time to replenish themselves, to refuel their tank, before they can give anything else. Caring for a family takes energy and emotion. Working overtime, not taking lunch breaks or eating fast food at your desk zaps your strength. How will you gain strength and energy to care for others or do your job if you’re running on empty?

Here are some tips:


  • Take your lunch break and leave your office or even your building.
  • Use a body lotion with a pleasant scent.
  • Play with your children.
  • Expect to have a wonderful day.


  • Try a new recipe for dinner.
  • Have a date night with your spouse or partner.
  • Play a board game with your children.
  • Soak in a hot tub.


  • Splurge on something just a bit out of budget.
  • Have your hair cut at a salon.
  • Take a long weekend and go out of town.
  • Or take a long weekend, stay at home, but visit tourist attractions in your city.


  • Take your vacation time.
  • Book a spa day or a massage.
  • Watch your favorite movie from high school – again.
  • Surprise your spouse or partner with a trip or awesome gift on your anniversary.

These are just  few ideas. You know the best way to honor yourself. It may be something you haven’t done in a while, but that doesn’t matter. Get it on the schedule and just do it. You’ll be refreshed and refueled and ready for another day.



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