Freedom Business #2 Niche Websites

Jan 14

All websites are niche websites. A niche is just a topic for a website. CNN? News site. HGTV? Home and garden. Bob’s Plumbing? Plumbing business. The difference in the sites depend on your goals for the site and how broad they are.

A Niche Website Offers Specific Content

CNN is a broad news site. A local television station would have a more regional website, featuring local stories and weather for their viewers. A gardening site can be very broad – How to Garden. Or it can be narrowed down – How to Vegetable Garden, How to Rose Garden, How to Grow Vegetables in the South, How to Grow Roses in Eastern Alabama. Each one gets very specific about the information offered.

A Niche Website Attracts the Right Traffic

A website needs content to share and traffic to read / view / share the content. Niche sites are found through search engines, Facebook posts, sharing on Twitter and a variety of other ways. Before a site can earn money, the site needs the right traffic. The right traffic isn’t the same for everyone with a website. A personal site about your family most likely draw other members of your family. If that’s your goal, great. Your goal was to build a site so that grandma and Aunt Julie and the rest of your family can keep up with everything that’s going on. But an ecommerce site wants different traffic. They want buyers. A site about gardening wants gardeners or people who want to learn to garden. A style site wants people who enjoy fashion and celebrities and trying new things. Traffic is your audience.

How Does a Niche Website Earn Money? 

Websites can earn money in a variety of ways. Most large websites, like CNN, earn money by selling advertising, the same as they do on television. Smaller sites, like a regional gardening site or Bob’s plumbing page, can earn money by selling services, showing Google ads or selling products for an affiliate commission.

How Do We Plan to Use Niche Websites? 

Niche websites are already a focal point of our businesses and will continue to be as we move forward traveling. I have a site called General Transcription Business Handbook. This site’s goal is to share with others a step-by-step plan for starting and running a transcription business. I earn money by showing Google ads on the site and by selling how-to books I’ve written.

I just started another site for my transcription services business. It has a completely different audience and goal. The audience is small business owners or solopreneurs who need transcription or virtual assistant services. I share information relevant to business owners and I earn money when I’m retained by a client.

This site is a niche site, geared to an audience that wants to live out a dream. It may be traveling like us or maybe just starting their own business. We’re still in the process of growing traffic, but we’ll earn money from this site by offering affiliate products for sale (we get a share of the purchase price) or by creating our own products for sale.

As time goes on, we’ll create other niche sites, grow the traffic and monetize them in different ways. We may even sell the sites eventually and earn money that way.

There are several people who earn a full-time income by creating and monetizing niche websites. If you’re interested, check them out:

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